Linguist. Bostonian. Anthropologist. (Gender)Queer. Poly. Educator. Event coordinator. Activist. Enthusiastic listener. Urban adventurer. Audiophile. Bowtie nerd. Problem solver. Academic. Radical hedonist. Leader. Earring collector. Human Being. 

Gender-neutral or masculine pronouns, please. 

Get to know Connor…

Connor Synuates is located in Boston, MA where he lives with his two adorable guinea pigs, Mocha and Latte. He’s an Administrative Assistant in Higher Education by day and a Queer Rebel by night. He graduated from Brandeis University in 2012 with a BA in Anthropology and minors in Sexuality and Queer Studies as well as Theatre. Unofficial concentrations and fascinations also included linguistics, sound design, and gender theory. In his spare time, Connor enjoys urban exploration, eclectic coffee shops, zine culture, tea, field hockey, modern art, and the smell of fall.