(Not) Born this Way

Spoiler Alert: I wasn’t born trans. I wasn’t born genderqueer. I sure as hell wasn’t born transmasculine. I’m not even sure I was born queer or poly, but I’m still on the fence.

Instead, I was born with potential.

I was born with the ability to grow and change and be whoever I have come to be. I was born, even, with the potential to be lots of other things, though this is where I ended up. I grew up a very happy, relatively femme, girl and I didn’t feel wrong about it or bad about it. I wasn’t born in the wrong body and I don’t have (a whole lot of) body dysphoria. I didn’t “know” from a young age that I was supposed to be transgender or a “boy.” I very slowly grew from relatively feminine-of-center to relatively masculine-of-center over a period of years and years.

And here’s the truth: I resent the people in the world who push the Born This Way Narrative. While I understand that a great deal of trans and queer folk do indeed feel that they were always this way and were simply raised without the options to express it until they were able to “come out,” I can’t get behind the idea that this narrative is the only mainstream one being told. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you were born or discovered at an early age that you are however you are.

But that story isn’t the only one out there.

Where are all the stories of people who were simply born with potential and an ability to explore the limitless?

And furthermore, why are these folks deemed “less-than” by mainstream narratives about what it means to be trans, queer, poly, or LGBTQ+?

I want us to explore what it might mean to be beings who aren’t fixed objects in space and are instead mutable and changeable and stronger for all the growth and potential we hold. How different would the world be if we were to, as a society, understand identity and self as a series of building blocks that can be reconstructed at any time instead of a outline to be slowly filled in by time and experience?

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